New England Intercon Convention Rules

The Most Important Rule of All

Have a good time! Have a great time! Have a grand time! Just have fun!

Do Unto Others

Treat other convention attendees and Radisson guests in a generally civilized fashion. Abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome, or outwardly illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

Do Not Freak the Mundanes

Remember there are non convention-going guests staying at the Radisson. All major game activity should take place in the conference area, not the hotel area, although quiet game activity may occur inside player rooms (not in the halls) during the day. The hotel area should be specifically considered quiet space after 10pm, and no game activity should take place there after that time.

Be On Time

If you are late for a game, you may be recast at the GM's discretion.

No Smoking in Hotel and Convention Area

Per the Board of Health, smoking is not allowed in any public area of the hotel. If you wish to smoke, please go to a designated public smoking area (outside). The hotel has a limited number of designated smoking overnight rooms. Check with the hotel registration clerk when you arrive to inquire if a smoking room is available.

Weapons Policy

The staff of New England Intercon recognizes that you may need a weapon as part of a game or costume. However, weapons are not to be used outside of the game space. This includes toy weapons, "boffers,&quot or anything that is liable to trip others. Please use common sense when choosing a weapon for your game. Per hotel policy, no knives of any kind are allowed as weapons.

Please note that the following weapons are considered illegal in Massachusetts and should not be used or displayed at the convention: blackjacks, billy clubs, any sort of double-edged knives (symmetrical cross-section, even if one side is dull), nunchucks, and shuriken (throwing stars). If a guest is observed with any type of weapon, the hotel may notify the police.

Staying at the Radisson Inn

Each hotel room should have no more than four occupants. Sleeping in public areas of the hotel or in the convention areas is forbidden by the hotel management.

Be Nice to the Site

You may only tape something to the walls if you use light masking tape or architect’s tape, which will leave no residue and will not damage the paint. The convention has a limited amount of tape available which it can loan to games as needed.

Alcohol Policy

By hotel rules, no alcohol is permitted in the function space.

Operations Staff

Please report to Ops Staff or the Con Chair any incident in which a member of the convention ignores the rules of the convention stated above. New England Interactive Literature reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the membership of anyone for any just cause. An Ops Staff member can always be found at the Ops desk during regular Operations hours. If the hotel observes a guest violating any of the above rules, the hotel reserves the right to have that guest removed from the property without refund.

New England Interactive Literature is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.