Who's Who

Daniel Abraham

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Jennifer Ash

Jennifer has been LARPing since playing in "Marin County" in 2004. A little over a year later, she was GMing her first game, the weekend-long "Nexus". Since that point she has been part of Foam Brain Productions. Jennifer is excited to be returning to Intercon this year!

Beth Baniszewski

Beth is looking forward to her 9th Intercon. She ran Muppet Purgatory last year, and the players were hilarious. She's also been seen at Intercon running Two Hours in London, Candyland: Crisis at Castle Candy, and MegaMan: Apocalypse. You may get to hear her screaming rubber chicken.

J. Akira Barnes

No bio provided

Elizabeth "Beth" Bartley

Beth Bartley was cheerfully grabbed for the Straightjackets Optional team a few years ago. Last year the whole crew (Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, Lisa Padol, and Julian Lighton) ran Ghost Fu: The Jade Emperor's Celestial Tournament. LARPs GM'd before that include Mad Scientists II (with Stephen Tihor and Joshua Kronengold), the second and third runs of Jamais Vue (with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Lisa Padol), two runs of Hot Tub I / Day at the Bathes/Night at the Races (with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Lisa Padol), two runs of Hot Tub II / Hot Tub o' Magic (with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Lisa Padol), and one run of Colonel T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular (with Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol.)

Peter Bensch

No bio provided

Chad "Laurion" Bergeron

Go Sign Up for Con Suite!

Cameron Betts

"If beings knew, as I know, the fruit of sharing gifts, they would not enjoy their use without sharing them" - Itivuttaka 18

Marc Blumberg

No bio provided

Nicole Boucher

No bio provided

Laura "Laura47" Boylan

Laura47 has written many games and many character sheets in her time but very few mechanics. She got her start LARPing the better part of a decade ago with the MIT Assassins' Guild, and is quite happy to be bringing along a number of friends from the Guild this year. "Masquerade" is probably the most light- hearted of all her games so far, and she hopes it will bring many smiles to the faces of those playing it. At the time of this writing, Laura isn't even sure exactly how many games she will be running, but she is sure it will be a blast. Feel free to come up to Laura and start chatting, as Laura loves meeting new people way more than she loves talking in the third person.

Patrick Braasch

No bio provided

Alex "The Sheriff" Bradley

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Anna "T'Pau" Bradley

Queen of all she Surveys
Anna goes *ping!*

Janet Brennan

"... it became a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived."

-Victor Frankenstein.

Nuance Bryant

No bio provided

Brandon Brylawski

Brandon Brylawski is a second-generation space alien, so comes by this sort of thing naturally. He was the lead writer for Tales of Pendragon, a weekend-long short-story game set in the days of King Arthur, and Arkham on Five Sanity Points a Day, a spoof of all things Lovecraft. Starship Edsel was his first major work and has run 6 times before to great acclaim.

Christopher Buck

No bio provided

Nat "Pudding" Budin

Con Chair and Universal AC Adapter
Nat drew the short straw this year.

Kate "The Wrong Kate" Bunting

Kate was introduced to LARP by nefarious individuals she has known since preschool, who may well be in attendance at this very convention. They know who they are, and apparently feel no guilt about their dastardly deeds. In the intervening time (ten-ish years?), Kate was a player in the DC-based "Mersienne" campaign, and the "1936: Horror" campaign, then sold her soul (or just sold out?) and became a staff member for the "1948: Signals" campaign, played the "Brassy's Men" series, and is currently staffing the "Threads of Damocles" campaign. Her writing and GM credits include the full-weekend LARP "Drink Deeper," occasional scenarios for DC-local campaign games, floor GMing for other peoples' games (including "Intrigue in the Clouds," for Dean Edgell; "Railways & Responsibility" with Team Brit), and ill-advised-but-ultimately-successful forays into bulk cooking and LARP catering. Despite (persistent) rumors to the contrary, Kate is not a narc.

Marcy Canterbury

No bio provided

Danielle Church

No bio provided

Kathleen Clark-Adams

No bio provided

David Clarkson

No bio provided

Caroline Cooper

No bio provided

Carlos "City" Coral

No stranger to the medium of Larp, Carlos has co-written and run a wide variety of games. His last Intercon efforts ("L'enfer C'est les Autres" and "Between a Roc and a Hard Place" created and run with his former hetero life partner Colin Sandel) received a good enough result that he's decided to try it again. Carlos feels confident about his new, younger, sleeker, hotter creative partners and totally isn't rebounding.

Zachary Cross

Does it have to be human?

Renee Cyr

No bio provided

Vito "Simple Wordsmith" D'Agosta

Vito shares some of the blame for such travesties as Fire On High, The Last Seder, and City Council of Hound's Teeth. This time around he contributed to Time Travel Review Board and Shadow over Babylon.

Some folks may know Vito as John. Vito is actually Vito's middle name. Vito goes by Vito rather than John now because there are too many Johns. After more than a dozen inquiries last year, it was decided to include this note in Vito's bio this year.


My favorite games have fun and unique characters to roleplay, a huge number of plots with lots of intertwined characters, and generally too much to be able to figure out and do in-game. This way no matter how the game goes, I will have fun playing.

It is my aspiration to write and run games like this. You will have to be the judge of how successful that is.

"You think too much, let's play."
--Julie's subconscious

Kirt "Loki" Dankmyer

Little. White. Different. Fnord.

Andrea Davenport

No bio provided

Kathleen De Smet

No bio provided

Sarah Dee

No bio provided

Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Bid Committee, NEIL Board Member
[Cue Also Sprach Zarathustra]

[Screen is solid black. Camera draws back and blackness continues to fill the screen.]


[There is a glow now around the edge of the blackness. The camera continues to pull back.]


[The camera pulls back far enough to show the blackness is a Strange Black Slab, standing in a strange depression in the African rocks.]


[Cue the apes.]

Da-da-da-DUN-DAH. DAH-DE-DAH...

[The apes move in cautiously, reaching out to touch the Slab.]


[One of the apes reaches up, brushing away the blackness from part of the Slab, revealing some letters. It says: Across the Sea of Stars.]


Hey, who let the monkeys get at my game materials?


Jennifer "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence

Vendor Liasion, Lover of Liasions
Here we are again, time for a new bio. As I am never quite sure of what to say about myself, I'll leave it up to you too decide:

Should I say I am Good, Bad or Ugly?

Vote today! (Don't ask me how)

Terilee Edward-Hewitt

No bio provided

Jim Edwards-Hewitt

Sometimes I write games. Mostly I move heavy objects. If the con really were in space, I'd have trained to get used to the difference between weight and mass. If we could afford to bring speakers up to orbit. But I digress...

Will Fergus

No bio provided

Rita Flaherty

She used to be a Mike Young minion, but now she's collecting her own!!! Rumor has it she's collecting minions to begin work on an Eastern fantasy game set and short campaign to debut in Fall of 2010. Shes dont time running games at Gen Con and Origins. Shes made appearences in other smaller cons like Intercon Mid-Atlantic and Dex Con, but this is her first trip to Chelmsford to run a game.

Elisabeth "Lise" Fracalossi

Lise has been LARPing for long enough to know what she likes and doesn't like--which, if you're curious, is about three years. In addition, she has too many interests to name, many of which have been shoehorned into this game. To name just the Ds, this includes Deduction, Dominating the Undead, Doujinshi, Steven Brust's Dragaera novels, the Dreamlands, and Dancing. When not engaged in these exciting activities, she eats and sleeps, in abundance.

Adrienne Gammons

No bio provided

Anandi "Anandi" Gandolfi

Anandi started gaming at the tender age of 6 in her father's college D&D game. It was 13 years later when she discovered the wonders of larping, primarily as an outlet for her love of costuming, and another 12 years before she discovered the highly satisfying activity of writing games.She makes her living now by making costumes and clothing for others, and gets her joy from making other people happy, whether it is with a fun game or a pretty dress. with five one-shots (Asylum With Margrete Simpkins, Mahabharata, One life, Another life, and Speed Dateing) and a multi-city chronicle (Between the cracks) , creating worlds of wonder, passion, joy, and pain has become a passion that shows little sign of being satisfied

Susan "nikin" Giusto

The Intercon Muse ~nikin~
I'm not from this planet. I am small, furry, different — nikin!

This year the TNT gang and I bring you Across the Sea of Stars. It is big...

It is very intergalactic.

As the Intercon Muse I help provide artistic support, cook for the Con Suite and in general help glue things together. I have been writing and publishing for many years now and I hope you enjoy this year's LARP offering. I love dark chocolate, need a job, love to dance and am always in want of someone cute to hang out with to keep me from being lonely and to give me a good back rub or hair tussle.

I am the Intercon Muse; I inspire, I energize, cause a bit of creative chaos as well as mischief when needed. :-) Should you need a little muse in your life - give me a call!

Brandon "Brandon" Grinslade

A mystery, Wrapped in an enigma, and smothered in secret sauce...

Sam "Rotiahn" Hariton

INGREDIENTS: Water (Oxygen, Hydrogen), Carbon, Nitrogen, CONTAINS LESS THAN 2% (BY MASS): Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Chlorine, Sodium, Magnesium, Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Fluorine.

NOTE: This product was manufactured in a facility which also processes nuts.


Shannon "Haz" Harrower

Haz makes most of her game decisions at stupid o'clock. Clearly, this is how Mozart and Einstein worked. Grawfully.

Tegan Hendrickson

Tegan is a long-time gamer, having been inducted into the sub-culture through a Swedish exchange student in the mid-1990's (who, coincidentally, also made her a fan of Iron Maiden; not that these two things are related). In her nearly nine years of LARPing, she has played vampires and villains, high-born ladies and bigoted scum(she was in PR). Only just spreading her metaphorical GM wings, she looks forward to the second run of Tithing Times and promises not to overdo it with the glitter. Honest.

Derek "Derek" Herrera

Derek has been involved in the LARP community in the New England area for over 20 years, first with the MIT Assassin's Guild and then with many LARPs in the area. Chances are you've met him at one game or another. "Gulag" is his game-writing debut with Intercon, which he hopes everyone will enjoy.

Jared Hite

Jared is prepared to offer his still-beating heart as a sacrifice, in praise of our future Lord and Master, Cthulhu. Frankly, it's the only way he can think of to make sure his first (co-written) game, GM Space, actually works. In other news, Jared has been an avid LARPer for a couple of years, and is beginning to try his hand at writing. In addition to GM Space, he has two other projects in the works, including one with Phoebe Roberts.

Sharone "Shabbos" Horowit-Hendler

Sharone is completely indebted to Foam Brain Productions for giving her her start in GMing about a year and a half ago. Since then she has run various games at other cons, and is thrilled to have the chance to present her own work for once. She would also like to thank her wonderful gerbils, who talk to her and give her many ideas, and her lovely cats, for not eating her wonderful gerbils.

Jason Hubbard

No bio provided

Jim Husband

No bio provided

Joshua Jaffe

No bio provided

Meg Jaffe

No bio provided

Sean Jaffe

Sean has been in game design for almost ten years, and has contributed to several game lines including Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Changeling: The Dreaming, In Nomine, Wyrd is Bond, Underworld, and his own creation, The Last Exodus. Before that, he ran the popular “Reckoning Day” events for Double Exposure and “The Third and Last Dance” in Amherst, Mass. In recent years, he’s done script work for Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures, and currently works as a designer for the indie video game company Vogster Entertainment. He lives in Jersey City with a wife and dog. where he maintains a ongoing RPG campaign, as well as in Philly, and Chicago. He virtually always needs a few more minutes to get started- pay it no mind.

John "skykam" Kammer

John Kammer has been writing and running LARPs since his introduction of A Good Day to Die at Intercon C. His games have received popular acclaim at Intercons, Origins, GenCon, and a few smaller conferences over the years. Additionally Mr. Kammer has been active in the Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania larping area and with the 1948 Signals Campaign, the Altered Realities Campaign (ARC), and more recently as a primary campaign arc developer for the Threads of Damocles Campaign.

Dave Kapell

No bio provided

Eddy Karat

Biological Profile

Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Subclass: Theria Order: Primates Suborder: Anthropoidea Family: Hominidae Genus: Homo Species: H. sapiens Subspecies: H. s. sapiens

Gamer Profile

Eddy has been involved with LARP for the past 18 years, though the bulk of games he has written have been for the MIT Assassins' Guild. This is his second Intercon game, the first being A Tale Of Time Travel.

Philip Kelley

No bio provided

Andy Kirschbaum

Andy sells games for a living and plays them for fun.

Rebecca Kletnieks

No bio provided

Victoria Kopesky

No bio provided

Joshua "Josh" Kronengold

Joshua Kronengold has been LARPing since 1993 and running/writing games since early this century (let's ignore the full weekend game that started development in the mid 90's 'till it's done, Ok? Ok.). Games he's written part of included a few memory loss games, mad scientist gmaes, a couple of games set in a hot tube, and a martial arts game called Ghost Fu.

Rumors that he was dropped off by aliens on this planet for the sole purpose of LARPing are, sadly, exaggerated.

Tim "Teem" Lasko

Minister of Information, NEIL Board, ConChair Unslain, Ocelot
It's not my fault. Any part that makes the Con Suite Mistress unhappy, that is.

Lisa "Arachne8x" Lassner

Not only is Arachne8x (also known as Spiderbabe) an accomplished LARPer but she has also been on her share of horrible blind dates. This is the experience that she intends to leverage to write 'Tonight at 8'.

Sue "Queenortart" Lee

Bid Com member
I live just the other side of the Thames from the East End of London, where the Kray brothers 'only done their own', use North Greenwich Tube Station which serves the Millennium Dome (now the 02) most days, and I pass through Deptford where All's Well is set on the way to work every day.

I think this qualifies me to GM both UK games this year.

Sorted - let's havva cup of tea.

Matt LeVan

No bio provided

Julian Lighton

Julian found himself drafted into writing and running Ghost Fu last year. Not having learned from this experience, he's writing another LARP, and running two.

Peter Litwack

No bio provided

William Lowenthal

No bio provided

Mel MacDonald

No bio provided

Kelly MacDougal

No bio provided

Michael McAfee

No bio provided

Charlie "Grejam" McCutcheon

It's all Jeff's fault I'm here.

Try not to scare the mundanes. Too much...

Nick "Nick" Milano

Participated in an iron GM competition with Melanie Saunders and took first place. The first game I ran was TKAV with Melanie. Currently working on writing four more LARPs

Andrew Militello

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Tony Mitton

No bio provided

Adam Nakama

"Adam, the central mechanic of your game is crack. Of course it's going to be ridiculous." ~ Conor Walsh

Alex Newman

No bio provided

Drew Novick

No bio provided

Kelly O'Donoghue

No bio provided

Jeff Ogorzalek

No bio provided

Gordon "Gordon Olmstead-Dean" Olmstead-Dean

Gordon Olmstead-Dean began writing and producing Live Action Roleplay with the administration of a "Killer" event in spring of 1984. His first written effort was the murder themed "A Birthday Surprise," in June of 1986. In January of 1988 he produced his first full-length work, "Covention I," with Ken Brown.

Currently Gordon has produced or served as a lead writer on over a hundred events, acting as Executive Producer on nine seasons of continuing events, including 1948: Signals and Threads of Damocles.

Gordon is a past President and current CSO of LARPA (formerly the ILF) and, and has served on the Board of Directors and in various other capacities supporting Live Roleplay since 1990.

His current focus in Live-Roleplay is recording and consolidating information and promoting the art of producing fiction with multiple simultaneous protagonists through his LARPWriting.ORG website. His personal artistic emphasis has been on an extension of Artaud's concept of the "theatre of cruelty" into roleplay drama.

When not writing games Gordon relaxes with his wife Stephanie at their decaying Edwardian manse in Hagerstown, Maryland, and pursues a sybaritic lifestyle.

Lisa Padol

Lisa Padol has been playing in larps since 1988, starting with the full weekend game, Double Exposure. She has been running and writing larps since 2000 (ignoring Dark of the Moon, a 10-years-old, still-in-development, full-weekend larp project).

She helped run the playtest of the never published Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition (with Joshua Kronengold, Batya and Alex Wittenburg, Merav Hoffman, Jon Lennox, and Eugene Reynolds), and assisted in a run of Appalachian Wedding (with Ben Llewellyn and Joshua Kronengold). Stephen Tihor recruited her for the Straightjackets Optional team, where she helped run add write Mad Scientists I (with Stephen Tihor and Joshua Kronengold, and with extra help from Erik Hanson and Matthew Stevens), and helped run and write Jamais Vue (with Stephen Tihor and Erik Hanson, with help from Matthew Stephens for the first run, and with Stephen Tihor, Joshua Kronengold, and Elizabeth Bartley for the second run) and Day at the Bathes/Night at the Races (with Stephen Tihor, Elizabeth Bartley, and Joshua Kronengold). She has also helped run Colonel T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular.

Current projects include future games in the Jamais Vue and hot tub series, and Dark of the Moon.

Meredith "mara jade" Peck

Merry has been attending intercons since Intercon A. Recently she has been more involved in the administration aspect of LARP as well as writing and GMing scenes for the Threads of Damocles campaign.

Josh "blee" Rachlin

GM Liaison, Weighted Companion Cube
blee isn't.

What this means, precisely, when taking into account the fact that he's been the GM Coordinator for this convention for over a year, and there is printed evidence that he's conversed with many of you, is a question that scholars are already discussing, and will likely be debating for years to come.

Trey Reilly

Trey Reilly found a D&D boxed set sitting in her mother’s closet when she was 12, and it was all downhill from there. She's written, co-written, and run a number of LARPs over the years, including Svaha (a 3-year sci-fi LARP campaign), Divus Ex: Greece, and Divus Ex: Gaslamp Gods. Her convention staff credits include I18: Intercon Gazebo, A Gazebo of Games, Lollagazebo, and the Origins Games Fair.

Trey can usually be found playing or running CofC, Mage, Changeling, Divus Ex, or Nobilis. She’s been known to GM on no notice at all if you bring her coffee.

Brian Richburg

No bio provided

Don "Uncle Don" Ross

There are no bad players, only bad games. Or... was it the other way around?

Colin "Dog" Sandel

... did not manage to write up a bio this year, and therefore will let his reputation speak for him.

Hi, I'm Dog's reputation.


Melanie Saunders

No bio provided

Alison "GeekGirl" Schafer

Woo! Gaming! :)

Adina "Adina" Schreiber

Raffle Coordinator
Adina has been role playing for about 10 years and LARPing for about 5. This year, she's trying to organize the raffle, because Intercon is awesome and deserves all the help it can get.

Kreg Segall

Aw, frell *me*, I'm not writing no bios. That's how they get you, that's how they track you down. No way, I'm not magra fahrbot enough to do that, no how! I had this one friend, he wrote a bio, and blam! they shot him! OK, actually, I heard they *tried* to shoot him, but then these other guys shot those first guys, and my friend got the hezmana out of there. Honest, that's what happened!

Joshua Sheena

No bio provided

David Simkins

No bio provided

Margaret "Mags" Simkins

Mags is happy to bring back Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys to Intercon Z this year. Writer of Geraldine's Birthday Party and Co-Writer of Asylum, she promises to have a new LARP ready one of these Intercons, but is having too much fun seeing her folks have fun as monkeys at present moment....

Lisa Skowronek

No bio provided

Andrew "AJ" Smith

AJ wishes to apologise for the many liberties taken with Elizabethan history during the creation of All's Well That Ends. However, he was telling the truth when he said that the game has:

Julia Suggs

No bio provided

Anita "Minx Girl" Szostak

Art Director, Flyers, Ads, Buttons, T-Shirts, Program Book art elements, ConCom
”Inspiration, move me brightly
light the song with sense and color,
hold away despair
More than this I will not ask
faced with mysteries dark and vast
statements just seem vain at last
some rise, some fall, some climb
to get to Terrapin

Counting stars by candlelight
all are dim but one is bright:
the spiral light of Venus
rising first and shining best,
From the northwest corner
of a brand-new crescent moon
crickets and cicadas sing
a rare and different tune

Terrapin Station
in the shadow of the moon
Terrapin Station
and I know we'll be there soon”

– The Grateful Dead

Thankfully, my muse of inspiration hasn't let me down this year considering that this is my eighth year doing artwork for Intercon. As always, I couldn't do this job without Barry and Susan's help, insight and guidance and another amazing con theme to spark my imagination.

Thorin Tabor

No bio provided

Barry Tannenbaum

No bio provided

Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor

Stephen has been around for a while.

He has been playing in LARPs since the days of the first Arabian Nights game. He was part of the team writing and GMing such games as Cocobanana (at an ancient Intercon) and RSVP (at DEXCON 1) and some smaller projects run at Columbia University Games Club events.

His name can also be found in other games—from SPI board games to the old West End Games Star Wars to the recent Marvel Universe Super Hero Role Playing Game. In his free time, he amuses himself with fine art photography, computer security work for the US Economy, a Nero game, and other such diversions. He also owns a small piece of a record.

Current projects include the Jamais Vue series of amnesia games, inspired by the kick ass time he had assisting the first run of Tabula Rasa, and the Bathes series of hot tub games—cause hanging in the pool while gaming really does mellow out power politics. He has also work on other Straightjackets Unlimited projects such as Ghost Fu and the Mad Scientists series of games.

Matthew Volk

While something of a newcomer to the New England gaming circuit, Matt Volk has a decade of LARP style GM experience writing and working for the New Jersey gaming scene. Some projects he has worked on include Knight Realms, Wild Gazebo's "Svaha" and the newly written "Frontier 7" on which he served as lead writer. An extensive fan of classic fantasy, spaghetti western scifi and neo victorian clockpunk, Matt's palette for painting a game's landscape is quite expansive.

Arcana is a cumulative project of Matt's and Sean Jaffe's, a brain child of 20 some-odd years of writing and LARP experience coming together in one work.

Thomas Vorhies

No bio provided

Will Wagner

No bio provided

Cyn "I'M A GIRL" Wakefield

"We are not concerned," he said, "with long-winded creations, with long-term beings. Our creatures will not be heroes of romances in many volumes. Their roles will be short, concise; their characters -- without a background. Sometimes, for one gesture, for one word alone, we shall make the effort to bring them to life.

"We openly admit: we shall not insist either on durability or solidity of workmanship; our creations will be temporary, to serve for a single occasion. If they be human beings, we shall give them, for example, only one profile, one hand, one leg, the one limb needed for their role. It would be pedantic to bother about the other, unnecessary, leg. Their backs can be made of canvas or simply whitewashed.

"We shall have this proud slogan as our aim: a different actor for every gesture ..."

-- Bruno Schulz, "The Tailor Dummies"

Mark Waks

No bio provided

Vance Walsh

Duct Tape, Bailing Wire, Sharpies. With these any plot can be saved.

Susan "Dybbuk" Weiner

Has no bio. And it certainly doesn't include elephants.

Eric Wirtanen

Good news everyone! We've trained genius hamsters to transcribe your character sheets into monk chants. Unfortunately, the hamsters are so smart they have formed their own nation and are refusing to return the character sheets unless their demands are met. So, clearly we are going to have to-whaa? Eric's bio? Who's Eric? And what's a bio?

Chris Woo

No bio provided

Carol Young

Some people believe that when I do not sleep I become a pissed-off puppy. This is fitting as I cannot talk, ask Will Wagner.

I also am not Nathan.


I swear.

Mike Young

No bio provided

Andrew "Foam Brain Productions" Zorowitz

Andrew's first LARP run was Mary Celeste, in 2004. Three times. In nine days. He's run many games since, both at RPI and cons. The group has many bizarre props, including a "brain in a jar", which inspired the group's name. Whether this brain has since been used to replace Andrew's brain, lost in a LARP-related accident, or whether the brain in the jar is still the original is, and shall remain, a mystery.

Andrew's group would very much like to license rights to any and all LARPs (especially weekend-long games, but, really, anything...) - if you've got a game, you should talk to him about it.